Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meet the Farming Team!

Weavers Way has a few different farms around North West Philadelphia. However, we don’t all work at all the farms; we specialize in one location. At Henry Got Crops, Nicole Sugerman and I co-manage the farm. We work year round in every aspect of the farm, from harvesting to planting to administrative tasks to working with the students at Saul. Every year we invite apprentices to work with us on all of the Weavers Way Farm sites. The apprenticeship is an educational, working experience, geared towards people who want to learn more about farming through hands-on experience. Nicole and I started at Weavers Way as apprentices ourselves. The apprenticeship is April through November and is full time. Apprentices are involved with every aspect of the farm, including production and education. This year we are thrilled to be working with Sarah Garton, the apprentice at Henry Got Crops.
We also consider the students and integral part of the farming team, here at Saul. Students come out to the farm to work with us, weeding, planting and harvesting. It is important to us that the farm not only be a production farm, but also a working, educational farm.

We also have members of Weavers Way Co-op come out to the farm to work with us and complete their working hours if they are enrolled as working members with the store. If you want to fulfill your co-op hours this way, look for our work shifts posted on the electronic work calendar on the store’s website.
As the season progresses, our team will only grow. Half way through the first pick-up week a new intern will join the team, and the first week in June a second will be working with us as well. We’ll introduce them in the newsletter as they arrive. Over the summer we also employ a few Saul students to work with us through the Philadelphia Youth Network.

And last but not least, we recognize that all of you, the shareholders, are members of the farm team as well. We certainly couldn’t do this without you, and through your unique contribution as a shareholder in the farm, you are more than customers- this is your farm as well!

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