Monday, June 10, 2013

Support of the Community

There were three instances this week when I truly felt the support of the community at the farm. Each instance reminded me how grateful I am to be part of this farm-centric community.

The first was Monday, Memorial day. Most holidays mean nothing to the farmers- the plants don’t know its Memorial day, and the CSA pick-up still happens on Tuesday, meaning we have to harvest to be prepared. However, Weavers Way organizes an all-staff picnic every Memorial day at one of our other farm sites. It’s a rare opportunity for our farm staff to spend the afternoon with the other staff at the store, and enjoy one of our farms in a non-work oriented manner. So… rather than exclude the farmers from this nice occasion, we squeezed a full-day harvest into half a day on Monday morning, and were able to enjoy the rest of the day at the picnic. I want to thank farm staff Emma and Nancy for waking up super early to start the harvest with me. And I want to thank working shareholders Lory, Ali, Annie, Laura, and Chris who all helped out on the holiday! We’ve never finished the harvest that quickly!
The second moment of true community support was the volunteer day. It was a hot, humid day, yet some loyal volunteers and shareholders braved the weather and came to help us get through some daunting tasks. Brian helped us trellis the peas, Liza and Mel meticulously weeded the carrots, and Mike pounded heavy tomato stakes into the ground. Thanks everyone!
And lastly, the potluck was our best attended potluck to date! Delicious food and great company was shared under the shade of the cherry tree. Potlucks are a rare time when the farm staff actually sit and enjoy a couple of relaxing hours at the farm with fellow shareholders. We were all particularly happy that Matilda Sinclair (pictured above with mom Joanna and dad Duncan), our newest CSA shareholder, was able to join us, only four days old! Congratulations to Joanna and Duncan, the proud parents!

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