Monday, July 11, 2011

Want to Make Pesto, But Don't Want to Pay So Much for Pine Nuts?

Shareholder and Weavers Way IT Manager, Tanya Rotenberg has a creative solution. She is interested in forming a group of shareholders who are willing to share the cost of a bulk order of pine nuts, thus reducing the cost for everyone. She can pre-order a case from Weavers Way Co-op. One case is ten pounds. If people took a pound or a half pound, we could get them for about $28.50/pound. The regular price is $36.75/pound. If she can get enough takers, she can get a case with about 2 weeks notice. For co-op members, she could even look up how many pounds you bought last year (Tanya personally bought around a pound from August to September). They refrigerate well and if you are using them for pesto you can even freeze them. Tanya has offered to bring the pine nut shares to the CSA to distribute the week they arrive.
If you are interested, please email Tanya directly (not me!) at:

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