Monday, October 22, 2012

We are still looking for contestants to enter the pie baking contest. Read an interview with one of our winners from last year, Beige, to get inspired!
Congratulations on being a winner at last years’ “Harvest on Henry” Pie Bake-Off!  We were hoping to ask you a few questions about your experience – and how your life has changed since that time:
What did you bake at last years’ Pie Bake-Off that led to you being a winner?
A delicious apple pear praline pie.
Was this your first Pie Bake-Off?
Yes! I made a practice pie, plus the two submitted pies, because I was so nervous about entering a food contest for the first time.
How did you learn how to bake?
I learned by trial and error methods from my mom who bakes a little, and scrapes burnt remains into the trash a little.
What is your favorite type of pie and what is the perfect accompaniment to go with it?
Rhubarb pie with coffee.
How has your life changed since winning last years’ Pie Bake-Off?
I am now confident in my pie crust making abilities, an important life-skill that has the unique capability to change your life, and the lives of those around you, for the sweeter. Are you planning on going in this years’ “Harvest on Henry” Pie Bake-Off?

Yes, if I can enter the same recipe.
Any tips for keen pie-makers out there thinking about entering the event this year?
Give the good looking pie to the judges, give the not-so-perfect one to the stand for selling (those people don’t vote)!
Any tips for the organizers of the Pie Bake-Off this year that could make the event run even more smoothly?
Keep up the good work, I can tell the organizers love fall as much as I do.
Call to Borrow Tents for Harvest Festival
We are looking to borrow “pop-up” or shade tents for the Harvest on Henry Festival October 20th. If you have one that we can borrow, please contact Nancy Dearden at We appreciate your generosity!

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