Monday, May 20, 2013

Additional Products at the CSA

There is still time to sign up for additional products at Henry Got Crops
Yellow Springs Farm, Goat Cheese CSA: Available Tuesdays and Fridays
Highland Orchards, Fuit CSA:
Weavers Way Store Products, Standing Order
We are happy to introduce a new option, available to both CSA shareholders and Weavers Way members, which is the weekly delivery of a standing order of a selection of the most popular products sold at the Weavers Way Stores.
For 24 weeks, you can receive your weekly:
● Eggs
● Yogurt
● Coffee
● Granola
● Bread
● Rice
● Pickles
By ordering these products through Henry Got Crops, you are supporting the farm as they will serve as additional income for the farm department. For more information please get in contact with Weavers Way Local Produce Buyer, Stephanie Kane To sign up for a standing order, go to our website and log in to the Member Center with your CSA or Co-op member number.

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