Monday, May 20, 2013

New Friday Farm Stand

This year, we are moving our “Wednesday Farm Stand” to Fridays, during the CSA pick-up, from 2-6pm. This change was made for a few reasons.
1.      This is an attempt to keep the harvests more equal, since Tuesdays are much more popular CSA pick up days. If we divided each harvest by the number of people coming on either a Tuesday or a Friday, then Friday people would always get more food since there are fewer shareholders picking up that day. Harvesting a bit more on Fridays for the public, keeps the share more equal from Tuesday to Friday.
2.      The farm stand ensures that our produce can be available and accessible to the neighborhood, while acknowledging that a CSA model is not for everyone.
3.       It has always been important to us at Henry Got Crops to serve the Saul community. Most students and teachers commute from all over the city to be a part of this unique high school. This means that when school is out for summer, students and teachers at Saul who do not live in the neighborhood would have a prohibitive commute to come to the farm to get their share.  Having a farm stand ensures this community has access to the food grown on their campus, when they are on campus, in the spring and fall.
4.      It saves time and labor! Running the “Wednesday Farm Stand” took one or two people on staff away from field work for at least four hours every week. By opening the farm stand during the CSA pick-up, the shareholders who staff the pick-up can manage both at the same time, keeping our skilled farming team where they are needed most- tending to your vegetables!

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