Monday, July 29, 2013

Introduction to Tomatoes

We grow three categorical types of tomatoes: Cherry tomatoes, paste tomatoes (also known as Roma), and tomato tomatoes ☺ . Of the last category, there are two major types- heirlooms and hybrids. Heirlooms are old varieties that are particularly delicious, odd looking and VERY fragile. Hybrids are more ordinary tasting and looking but are more reliable producers that are less susceptible to disease and more sturdy. The heirlooms crack and ooze and are bumpy and funny colors. They have character, and taste out of this world amazing! Here is an introduction to the 7 varieties we are growing this year, try them all! (All are heirloom, unless indicated otherwise.)
Prudens Purple
Large to very large (many over 1 lb.) fruits are flattened and smooth (except for shoulder ribbing on some), and resist cracking. Vivid dark pink skin with crimson flesh.

Cherokee Purple
Medium-large, flattened globe fruits. Color is dusky pink with dark shoulders. Multicolor interior ranges from purple to brown to green.

Bright orange, round, smooth fruits average 8-10 oz. Their meaty interiors have few seeds. This midseason tomato will become more abundant as the season continues.

Striped German
The flat, medium to large, variably ribbed-shoulder tomatoes are shaded yellow and red. The marbled interior looks beautiful sliced. Complex, fruity flavor and smooth texture.
Big Beef Hybrid
Red, Large, avg. 10-12 oz., mostly blemish-free, globe-shaped red fruit.
Mt. Merit Hybrid
medium-large, 8-10 oz., red slicer with an excellent disease package to keep it healthy in the field. Larger than Defiant PHR.
Defiant PHR Hybrid
The 6-8 oz., globe-shaped fruit are smooth and medium-firm with good texture. Deep red internal and external color.

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