Monday, June 9, 2014

Thank You! Volunteer Day and Potluck

What an amazing turn out for the volunteer day and potluck on Saturday! This was definitely our most well attended volunteer day ever! And thank goodness, because we had a Herculean task of weeding the parsnips! Imagine a sea of green, now imagine you have to find a needle in a hay stack, and now imagine the CSA parsnip harvest depended on it- that was the task that everyone was up to on Saturday. And we succeeded; the parsnips are now looking better than ever! Thank you to everyone who squatted, crouched, and knelt alongside those parsnips for hours! And also a big thank you to Blaise who is a long standing shareholder, and showed up with his own weed wacker to tackle a multi-year project of clearing the fenceline. To celebrate a successful day of work, we all shared a feast at the picnic tables and enjoyed a beautiful summer evening on the farm.
Be sure to mark your calendars now for our next volunteer day,Saturday July 12th from 9:30 to 3:30 at our beautiful farm in theAwbury Arboretum. If you haven’t been to this farm, this is a great opportunity to come and check it out.

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