Monday, June 2, 2014

Working Share Members

One of the exciting parts of having the CSA start is that the Working Shareholders also start! We have some people who work on a weekly basis, and others who do a few hours here and there throughout the season. This year we have over 30 people helping out on a weekly basis, which is over 60 hours of happy helping hands! On our farms we rely heavily on volunteers, both out of necessity and by design. We are educational farms and that encompasses the involvement of community members like you. This concept will sound familiar if you made it to one of our orientation meetings and heard field manager Hannah explain that we take “Community Supported Agriculture” literally, as opposed to “community financed agriculture.” Your fellow shareholders are helping harvest the lettuce that goes in your share, weed-whack the grass in the pathways, restock the bins at the CSA pick-up, and even format this newsletter. Having this alternative tier of labor is imperative to getting the job done, and we could never do it without you! Plus, it also keeps our jobs interesting! We get to know the people eating the vegetables we are growing, and that builds a stronger community. In truth, Hannah and Emma are full time farmers as well as part time volunteer coordinators!  We look forward to working with you as the season unfolds.

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