Monday, July 21, 2014

Meet The Farmers: Chris Obrien, Harvester and Orchard Caretaker

In 2008 I participated in a Wildlife and Resource Management Field Study in Southern Kenya, there is where I really began to understand the importance of sustainable food production and land use. After leaving Kenya I farmed for 2 seasons with friends at Community Cooperative Farms and at the Blue Hill Farm in Western Massachusetts as well as visited several farms in Central and South America and Cuba. Shortly after moving back to Philly in 2012 I began apprenticing with Nina at the Weaver's Way Farm (and it’s been downhill ever since … hahaha, a reference to the topography of the farm!) and have been here, in one way or another, ever since.  Though I see myself eventually moving back to a rural area and homestead/farming, for the time being, this city is where I am happy.  I'm particularly drawn to Philly for many reasons: the history, the incredible international and local food cultures, its rugged no-frills attitude, but most of all I love Philly for its rare mix of urban area and green space.  I know of very few cities where I can be satisfied by the stimulation of the city life while also continuing a hands on education and involvement in farming, something which I truly love and enjoy.  I look forward, this season especially, to working with such an experienced and driven crew!

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