Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet The Farmers: Emma Dosch, Field Manager, Henry Got Crops Farm

Last season (2013) I was the Farm Apprentice at Henry Got Crops. I am lucky to be back with the farm team again this year!

My interest in farming and food grew throughout my college years in Northwest PA. I worked with two small sustainable farms on an off for several seasons --learning, in addition to basics, how they sustained their farm businesses and interacted with the larger community. My greatest involvement was with the gardening project of community group that focused on community ownership, capacity and voice. Experiences with both farm businesses and community growing complimented my schoolwork in Environmental Studies and Social Justice. When I moved to Philadelphia to work for Weavers Way last season I was looking for a full season of experience with the skills and systems that build sustainable agriculture. I highly value the accessibility of Weavers Way Farms to larger communities -- the CSA, the Coop, Saul, and whoever else stops by. Experiences growing, eating and sharing food are invaluable for healthy people and communities and I am sustained seeing how our farms connect so many to these experiences. For this season, I am excited about the deep commitment myself and the other farm staff have for our work -- we cannot wait to share our hard work with all of you!

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