Monday, September 8, 2014

Help Support our Farms by Supporting shareholder and fabric artist Heidi Barr

Heidi has been a working shareholder for 3 years at Henry Got Crops and now has entered the Martha Stewart “American Made” competition for her Kitchen Garden Series.  The Kitchen Garden Series is a line of tea towels and napkins that she sews from repurposed men’s dress shirts. She donates 25% of her sales to urban farms, including our very own. You can admire and purchase her napkins and towels at the farm stand. Please read her article below, and support her by sharing her link on facebook. The more “shares” she receives, the more likely she is to be one of the selected finalists, which means more support for our farms!
The Kitchen Garden Series was dreamt up one winter night with my friend and fellow designer Tara. As we sewed, we talked about our desire to see more gardens in the city and more meaning in our work. I had just finished a season as a working share holder at my local CSA and wanted to apply my artistic talents to supporting the revolution of urban agriculture. I decided to sew things related to food and sell them to support urban gardens. I make kitchen textiles out of 100% natural fiber, reclaimed materials and donate 25% of my sales to my local farmers. It's important to me to use reclaimed materials because it creates a positive environmental impact by keeping things out of the garbage stream. I tea dye my tea towels and will begin using other plant based dyes soon; grown by a gardener in my community. As I add new products to my line, the shirts will continue to be central to my design. My goal is to provide support and encourage the growth of existing urban farms.
Please click the link below and then 'share' it on your facebook page via the button imbedded in the post. 200 finalists will be selected by popular vote based on how many shares they get on facebook and twitter. Please help make me one of them!

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