Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Your Share so far This Season

We track the contents and value of the share every week. At just over half way through the season, we thought these numbers would be interesting to share with you! To calculate the numbers below, we value your share at farmers market prices (retail), and we value the you-pick at wholesale prices. For “unlimited” items in the you-pick, we value them at a typical market unit size (meaning “unlimited cherry tomatoes” are valued at 1 pint, which is how we would sell them at a market).
What you paid:
Small- $17.71/week ($230.23 through week #13)
Large- $31.25/week ($406.25 through week #13)
What you have received (through week #13, including You-Pick):
Small- $303.26
Large- $602.61
Greatest Average Value for one share week:
Week # 11
Small: $29.12
Large: $56.25
Lowest Average Value for one share week:
Week #2:
Small: $17.65
Large: $35.30

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