Monday, October 12, 2015

Eggplant Chaat

Pakora Batter
100 gm         besan
100 gm         rice flour
50                   corn starch
pinch             turmeric
pinch             cumin powder
300 gm         Eggplant long
500 ml           Oil for frying

50 g               yogurt
10 g               sugar
pinch             roasted cumin

Tamarind Chutney
100 g             tamarind
250 ml           water
30g                jaggery
25  gm           sugar
4 gm          deghi mirch
1 g                  cumin
1 stick            cinnamon
1 pcs                 bay leaf
1 pcs             star anise
6 gm          fennel
4 gm          ginger powder
1 pinch          black salt

Chaat Masala
13 g               cumin seed
13 g               black peppercorns
12 g               black salt
6 g                  mint
.2 g                 ajwain
.1 g                 citric acid
30 g               amchur powder
12 g               sea salt
4 g                  yellow chili
6 g                  dried mint
4 g                  ginger powder
  1.  Roast all spices under Chaat masala, fine grind together.
    2.     Boil together all ingredients of Tamarind Chutney till raw flavor is cooked out and chutney is thick.  Strain, cool and keep aside.
    3.     Mix all ingredients of Raita and keep aside.
    4.     Mix pakoda batter ingredients to get soft flowing consistency, dip thinly sliced eggplant in it and shake off excess batter, fry in oil at medium to high temperature (140-165 C) till all eggplant chips are crisp and deep golden in color, drain on kitchen paper to absorb excess oil.
    5.     Arrange the eggplant chips on plate, sprinkle chat masala, tamarind chutney and raita and serve hot.
translating for indian ingredients:
besan is chickpea flour (we carry that at WW mount airy for sure, not sure about chestnut hill)
the roasted cumin is cumin seed toasted in a dry pan
and for the tamarind chutney we used what is left when we order from tiffin
jaggery is sugar but not refined the way we do here in the states, you could substitute demerara sugar
deggi mirch is an indian spice containing chili you could substitute chili powder
ajwain is a seed and the internet is full of very different substitutes (you could possibly leave it out also)
amchur powder is mango powder which adds a slightly sour tangy flavor. you could substitute lime or lemon juice.

the eggplant part is quite delicious so even if people didn't want to do the raita, tamarind and the spices they will be fine.

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