Monday, July 11, 2016

Herb Corner: Basil!

Did you know we grow 5 different types of basil on the farm? And they are all available to you in the you-pick section. Get familiar with this multi-faceted herb and try each kind!
This is your traditional, green basil. Perfect for making pesto, putting on pizza or adding to pasta dishes.
Red Rubin
This basil is purple. It has a similar flavor to the Eleonoara but is a stunning, unique color.
You guessed it, this basil has a lemon scent and flavor. Add a citrus splash to your usual basil recipes.
This basil has an anise-clove flavor. It has attractive purple tinted stems and flowers.

Tulsi (Holy) Basil
This basil is in the medicinal tea bed, at the top of the you-pick section. It is known for its use in Hindu culture, it can be used in Thai cuisine and in tea. It is used medicinally for digestion and immune system support.

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