Monday, July 4, 2016

Herb Corner: Dill and Its Flowers

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the dill so far this spring in the you-pick section. You’ll notice the dill has started to make beautiful flowers. We encourage you to pick these and use them in your pickle recipes, or as part of your flower bouquets. Throughout the season we will re-seed this area for more dill, so you’ll be able to observe the succession of the dill plants come and go. Right now you can see small dill starting to grow in the back of that same bed. Soon we’ll pull the large dill plants and re-seed in that area in an attempt to have a nearly constant supply of dill. If the flowers stay in the ground long enough, they will develop seeds and when they dry out completely you can collect those seeds to use as spices in your cooking, or plant in your garden. There’s a lot to do on the farm this time of year, so time will tell if we get to re-seeding the dill before it produces seeds!

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