Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How much is my Share Worth?

By Nina Berryman

Ever wonder what your share would cost if you were buying it at a farmers market? We decided to break it down for you. Here is last week’s large share. Being the tail end of the season, this is one of the smaller shares, so the 'worth' of a share in the middle of the summer is more, when we have high-value crops like tomatoes, basil, peppers, and eggplant-- so these calculations are conservative. Below are the prices that we sell vegetables for at farmers markets. Items that we weigh at the markets are taken at an average weight here. If you divide the cost of a large share by the number of weeks in our CSA, the cost per week is $27.31 for a large share. Based on this share, that’s a savings of about $5.00 last week over market prices, which is a savings of $130 over the course of the season. Remember, savings are actually higher since shares are larger during the peak of the season.

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