Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Student Involvement this Fall

This fall we have had four classes from Saul that have been coming out to the farm on a weekly basis. The Agroecology class, the Landscape Design class, and two of the Aquaculture classes. Here are some of the jobs on the farm they have been learning about and helping us with:

• Pest management of Harlequin beetles
• Potato digging
• Clearing beds that are no longer producing
• Doing final harvests of crops before the frost
• Turning beds and planting cover crop of rye and clover
• Laying down black plastic and mulch for weed suppression
• Building a hoop house
• Building a vermin-compost bin
• Winnowing seed for seed saving
• Drying flowers
• Staffing pick-up
• Staffing the farm stand on Henry Ave.

Thank you to all the students who have helped this year!

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