Friday, September 17, 2010

From the Perspective of a Student

My first day at the C.S.A was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about the different fruits and vegetables they grew. My favorite vegetable that the C.S.A produce is carrots. I learned that the part of the carrot we eat is in the ground like potatoes. After the vegetables we weeded. The most important step before you start is to make sure your wearing long pants and goggles. Starting up the weed whacker was the hardest part because it took a lot of strength. Before you pull the string you have to turn it on and pump the primer. Then you pull the string to start the motor. Once i started weeding i couldn’t stop. It was so fun and it wasn’t an easy job. Most of my classmates complained because of the heat but I didn’t care. Hopefully i can do it again. The C.S.A was both fun and educational. This was one of the most exciting experience of my life. Maybe in the future i can own a farm and produce my own crops.

Sierra Davis- incoming Freshman, class of 2014

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