Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Year is Upon Us!

Welcome to the Henry Got Crops! CSA. We are beginning our third season and are thrilled to have you all with us, new members and old members alike! So far the spring has been good to us, with only a few days of either too much or too little rain, but for the most part the balance of sun and rain and spring temperatures has been just right!

Every spring brings a renewed feeling of excitement, anticipation, potential and…well, it wouldn’t be farming without a little anxiety too! Will the lettuce and the bok choi be ready at the same time? Will all the shares get filled? When did these weeds start growing?! The Henry Got Crops farming team has been working hard since the beginning of April, preparing beds and planting, planting, planting! For the past few weeks we’ve been anxiously peeking at the crops to see if they were ready yet. We are now all very pleased to be opening our doors to all of you so the season can officially begin.

Henry Got Crops! is a unique partnership between Weavers Way and W.B. Saul High School of Agriculture. Each part of this partnership adds an integral piece to this farm. Weavers Way provides the staff to manage the farm and the farm education programs. Saul provides the land and infrastructure. In return, Saul students are given the unique opportunity to learn firsthand, on the farm, how to grow organic vegetables and operate a neighborhood based, agricultural business. And you, shareholders, are providing the necessary support that keeps this project going from year to year. And in return, our vegetables are making it to your plate! This farm would not function. without the contribution of Weavers Way, Saul and you! I see Henry Got Crops as the congregation of these different groups, creating one community, focused on supporting one farm. In short, it is Community Supported Agriculture!

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