Monday, August 22, 2011

Update...From Vacation!

It is typically difficult to impossible to get away for any time off during the growing season. But when one of my closest high school friends told me a few months ago I was invited to her wedding in Vermont in August, my heart ached to attend her wedding. At first I told her, I would come IF I felt like I could get away from the farm, but was afraid to commit. As the event got closer I knew how important it was to me to participate in this big event and I started thinking about how to make it happen. Earlier in the season I mentioned this potential trip to Molly, the apprentice working at the farm this season, and she immediately saw it as a great opportunity to spread her wings and be farm manager for a few days. I was thrilled to have such a confident and excited response from her. As August came closer I knew that she and Clare, the education coordinator, and Ariel, the summer intern, would have no problem keeping things running smoothly. But I also knew that having all hands on deck at all times is critical and with me gone the harvest would take until dark. So I called out to the multiple support circles we have for Henry Got Crops, asking for folks to volunteer at the farm on Thursday and Friday when I was away. I emailed the Weavers Way Farm Committee, our general public volunteer list, and certain working share members who had previously voiced interest in helping out above their working share commitment. I was blown away with the response I got. If Molly has any trouble at all when I am away, it will be managing all the willing helping hands that said they would show up! Never before have we ever had such a well staffed harvest! It made me stop and reflect a moment on what it really means to be community supported. I truly feel like we at Henry Got Crops are part of a larger network of community members genuinely interested in pitching in to make agriculture work. In this case, that meant preserving my sanity a little, letting me take a mini break from the farm, and making it possible to participate in an important life event, non-farm related. I also feel so grateful to have such an amazing team on the farm that I didn’t even think twice about leaving it in the good hands of Molly, Clare and Ariel. Thank you to everyone who helped out on Thursday and Friday. By the time you all read this I will be back in Philly, on the farm like usual, hopefully looking a bit more refreshed. But for now, I’m going to go scrub my nails, change into a dress and celebrate with some old friends.

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