Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Potluck at the Farm

Thank you to everyone who came to the potluck on Saturday. It was perfect weather and we had a great turn out. We shared delicious dishes, got to know one another a bit better, and soaked in the beautiful setting of the farm. For me, it is also really refreshing to spend some quality time on the farm what is relaxing and not just work! Just before we sat down to eat I quickly harvested a salad from the field. I was proud to share the first 6 cherry tomatoes and beet harvest in that salad! The cherry tomatoes are in one of our hoop houses and will be U-pick, when they come on in full swing. Soon there will be more than only 6! At the table we asked people to write down what they love about the farm or are looking forward to in being a CSA member.  Here are the great responses:

Judy Freed: I love that my produce is grown ten minutes from my home- doesn’t get more “local: than that!
Hollie Holcombe: The CSA gives me many opportunities to “MacGuyver” dinners that I never thought to make before.

I know where my food was grown, and I even have a hand in growing it! I feel like this is “my farm,” which is especially nice since I live in a small apartment with no yard!
Ann Keiser: I am excited to have met so many wonderful people in my community. And I am looking forward to seeing Monarch butterflies at the farm.
Matt Rupert: Feeding my child food that is healthy, tasty, and safe.

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