Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Q and A...

We  are struggling to keep our greens from wilting. Aside from the crunchy lettuce, they all seem to wilt in 3-4 days. We're keeping them in the fridge in breathable bags, and not washing them until we use them. Are we doing something wrong? Do you have any tips for extending their life by a few more days?
I've found that the method that best works for me is to wash and prep all veggies immediately after getting them from the CSA. After you wash the lettuce/greens stick a paper towel in with them to capture the extra water and keep them damp. I put them in a plastic bag or container in the crisper drawer.

Sometimes the breathable bags can backfire in that the circulating air in your frig will wilt them, as if from being in the wind. This is why the crisper drawer is a wonderful thing!
If your greens really get a beating… say they were left on the dashboard for your car for half an hour at 2:00pm when its 90 degrees out while you pick your herbs at the farm and chat with the farmers in the field…you can actually breathe new life into a seemingly “dead” green with prolonged soaking. Leave your wilted friend submerged in water for half an hour, or even overnight and the pores should take up the water. There is a point of no return, but it is surprisingly far along the road of wilting!
My mustard greens were WAY too spicy, how do people eat them?
Cooking mustards will significantly water down their spice factor. Or try mixing them with other greens as a medley.

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