Monday, October 28, 2013

Harvest on Henry-- Great Success!

The third annual Harvest on Henry Festival was our most well attended festival and also our most successful fundraiser yet! The purpose of this festival is not only to raise money for the farm, but also to bring together the many different communities who connect with Henry Got Crops. As I have said before in this newsletter, this farm is many different things to many different people. And while that can be challenging in some moments, it is also a real cause for celebration. And what a celebration Saturday was! My best guess is that over 500 people came. We are still waiting on the official count, but we know we made around $4,000 on the day of the event, and also brought in about $5,000 in sponsorship leading up to the event. 80 Saul students volunteered on Saturday to ensure everything went smoothly, whether it was selling tickets or helping with face painting. Like usual, the hay ride and petting zoo were major highlights of the day. This year was the Cow Plop 50/50 debut. The Saul cow did not let us down and did her business within about 5 minutes and the lucky winner was Saul teacher and CSA shareholder Jen Disque who took home over $500! The pie judges tasted over 20 kinds of pie. The event was three hours long, which was hardly enough time to check out all the music, food, vendors, demonstrations, games and activities.  Shareholder Nancy Dearden coordinated the event and I cannot thank her enough. She is a wizard of organization and planning and began planning for the event back in April at our first shareholder orientation meeting. The event would never have been possible without the additional support from:

Saul Agricultural High School:
Jessica McAtamney and her classes
Tammy Conaway, principal
Scott Moser and the 4-H Club
Gail Koskela
Mary Creighton
Garth Schuler
Jane Arbasak
Jen Disque
Guy Amoroso
Greg Smith
Val Simmens
Lisa Blum
Weavers Way support:
Annette Aloe
Rebecca Torpie
Stephanie Kane
Mary Sweeten
Bettina de Caumette
Jean McKenzie
Solebury Orchard
Whole Foods, Plymouth Meeting
Shop Rite, Roxborough
Equal Exchange
Tasty Twisters
Roller’s Expresso
Night Kitchen Bakery
High Point
Bredenbeck’s Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor
Goat Hollow
Mana Yoga
Philly Community Acupuncture
Morris Arboretum
Food Trucks:
Philly Street Food
Little Baby’s Ice Cream
Cheese E Wagon
We Bee Brothers
Cobblestone Krautery
Heidi Barr Designs
Roxborough YMCA
Weavers Way Coop
Roxborough/Manyunk Food Coop
Weavers Way Community Programs
Time 4 Time
Mt Airy Bike Collective
Carmella Clark
Pie Judges:
Glenn Bergman
Alex Dews
Scott Piergrossi
Ashley McFarland
David Greene
Harvest on Henry Planning Committee:
Nina Berryman 
Scott Blunk
Tara Campbell
Nancy Dearden
Jennifer Disque
Emma Dosch 
Jennifer Hall  
Liza Hawley 
Clare Hyre 
Georgia Kirkpatrick
Tatiana Loya  
Tammy Meister 
Bernadette Norton 
Kate Pelusi
Lory Piergrossi 
Kathleen Powell 
Joanna Sinclair
Norman Weiss
Sally McCabe – PA Horticultural Society
Larry Goldfarb
Peter Handler
Gabrielle Mahler

Rick & Andrea
Saint Mad
Art Miron
Nothing Wrong
Metropolitan Meat, Seafood & Poultry Co.
The Night Kitchen
Fresh Tofu, Inc.
Delaware Valley Floral Group, Inc.
N.S. Troutman
Four Seasons
Chestnut Hill Cat Clinic
Howard & Aharona Treatman
Slow Rise Bakery
Brewers Outlet
Philadelphia Horticultural Society
Arnold Bread - Bimbo
Valley Green Bank
PNC Bank
The winning cow 'plop'!
Over 500 people visited the Harvest on Henry fundraiser. 

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