Monday, October 28, 2013

Highlights of the Season

Harvest on Henry- Without a doubt, this year’s Harvest on Henry festival was our biggest event ever! We had record breaking crowds, which translated into our best fundraiser yet. It truly felt like a collaborative effort between teachers and students at Saul, as well as staff from Weavers Way and Weavers Way Community Programs, not to mention the amazing CSA fundraiser committee who really pulled all the pieces together. The weather was perfect, the food trucks were a big hit and I’m already looking forward to next year!
Pot lucks- Our kick-off-the-season and end-of-the-season potlucks were our best attended potlucks ever, as compared with past years. I am glad to see a community of shareholders that loves these types of gatherings as much as I do! It is a rare thing for me to stop working and sit and relax with shareholders and take in the farm, so thank you for sharing these evenings with me! It is great to talk with you all and enjoy delicious food!
Limited super hot days-  A farmer’s review of the year would not be complete without mentioning the weather. All in all, this was a good growing year. There were moments of too much rain during the summer, but it’s been worse! It was a highlight for me that the brutal 100 degree days with high humidity were short lived this year. I am a New Englander at heart and I don’t fare well with the hot Philadelphia summers, but luckily these unbearable days really only lasted about a week this year.
Highest number of working shareholders- Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this year for me was the number of and level of dedication of all our working shareholders. We have never had so much interest in working on the farm and I am grateful for every minute of it! It is a real pleasure to feel so well supported from the community for whom I am growing food. There were more than one down-pour harvest days when loyal working shareholders came to the farm to help us make sure the harvest was ready for the CSA pick-up the next day. From staffing the pick-up, to harvesting, to event planning and everything in between- thank you all!

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