Monday, October 14, 2013

Reflections on the Farm...

By By Mohammad Abuwadeh , Senior at W.B. Saul High School
The share which Mohamed writes about in this article was harvested from the Student Raised beds, a space maintained by our non-profit Weavers Way Community Programs.
As a third year participant in the “Harvest On Henry” fundrasier, I will have the honor of being the MC. The Harvest On Henry has had a relatively large impact on my life. Ever since I came to Saul my mother has been pushing me to get the information so that she could purchase a share from the CSA. She always thought that organic fruits and vegetables grown by students going to the same school as me was always “cool”. For some odd reason I just never got around to getting her the information. So every opportunity I would get to take some fruits or vegetables home from the CSA I jumped on it.  When I won the share from the CSA my mom was ecstatic. I walked in the house with two grocery bags of vegetables and a bouquet of flowers and my mom was shocked. She gave me a big hug and wouldn't let go.  I had no idea that getting a share from the CSA was so exciting to her. I guess since I go to school at Saul and work at the CSA a lot, I don't take organic farming so seriously.
The Harvest On Henry is a great way for locals to get the information they need to understand what exactly the CSA is. Most people don’t understand the benefits of organic farming and to why they would even invest their money into the CSA. Just persuading people into even attending the Harvest On Henry makes me feel like I am helping people’s lives-by them attending they get all the information they need to understand what organic farming is all about. Also, it gives them the sense that the CSA is a fun, loving, and active part of the community; not just a farm.

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