Monday, August 25, 2014

Guidelines for a Successful U-Pick

Harvesting Tomatillos:
•Harvest the ones that completely fill their husks
•To tell, touch the husk- if you can feel the tomatillo pressing against the husk, it is ready!
•Ripe tomatillos can have brown or green husks
•Do not eat the husk- peel before eating
Harvesting Ground Cherries:
•You can harvest them right off the ground (it’s why they are called ‘ground’ cherries!)
•They are ripe when the husks are brown or yellow, and the fruit inside is yellow
•To eat, peel back the husk and eat the fruit
Harvesting Cherry Tomatoes:
•All the cherry tomatoes in the field are “Sun Gold” and are tastiest when bright orange
•The cherry tomatoes in the hoop house by the driveway are various colors and varieties. When you walk in the door, from left to right: “Sunrise Bumple bee” (striped yellow and orange), “Yellow Pear” (bright yellow and pear shaped), “Black cherry” (purple with green shoulders), “Jasper’ (small and red). These cherry tomatoes are just coming into production, which means most of the tomatoes are near the ground on the plant.

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