Monday, August 25, 2014

Update From the Fields

This summer has been wonderful weather for working outdoors. It has been cooler than usual, which makes it much more pleasurable for the farmers. Luckily, it hasn’t been too cool for any of the heat-loving vegetables. While our tomato production is going down quickly, it is due to the usual diseases that plague tomatoes in the mid Atlantic, not the cool weather. Our eggplants have been rock steady, with a consistent, reliable harvest. And the peppers are just beginning to really gain momentum. Even the cooler weather we’ve had this summer is still too much for the cool-loving greens, as you’ve been a major decrease in salad greens and the size of our lettuce heads, but both will increase again in the fall. Many of our fall crops are in the ground, such as fall broccoli, fennel and collards, as well as the turnips and radishes, and we are finished seeding carrots for the season. we are finalizing our late fall/winter growing plans for inside our hoop houses as well as in the field, to ensure we have a good harvest through the end of the CSA and even to our last Head House market, which goes into December.

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