Monday, August 25, 2014

Inspiration for What to Do with All of Those Paste Tomatoes

21 Quarts and 42 Pints of Henry Got Crops Paste Tomatoes! Shareholder Anna Hoover took advantage of our wholesale tomato offer and canned 100 lbs of paste tomatoes! A very impressive undertaking!
Pam and David Chaplin-Loebell left for their family vacation but couldn’t leave without taking  a little bit of the farm with them! They made salsa and fresh tomato sauce to share with the whole family while getting some fresh air up in the Poconos.
If you are interested in purchasing over 10 lbs of paste tomatoes from the farm stand, you can receive our wholesale price of $1.60/lb. Just send me an email and we’ll box them up in advance for you, or just swing by the farm stand on Tuesday or Friday afternoon and pick them out yourself. Enjoy the tomatoes, while we have them!

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