Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Soggy Update from the Farm

The rain is proving to be relentless! I’m sorry to say that it seems like every time I turn around some new disease is spreading. Most recently, the winter squash and peppers are really suffering. I think the peppers have Phytophthera, a soil born disease that thrives in wet conditions. As a result, the peppers wilt almost overnight and then the fruit quickly begins to rot. To try to prevent the disease from spreading, I’ve been ripping out peppers as they become affected. I seem to be ripping out 5-10 plants a day! Unfortunately there is no organic control for Phytophthera. You might be seeing more green peppers in your share and less red, yellow and orange ones as a result because we can’t afford to leave the green ones on the plant, waiting for them to turn color, since they will likely rot before they do! The winter squash were looking beautiful and strong until a few weeks ago. My best guess is squash bugs. Sadly the leaves are shriveling and the plants are dying prematurely, before the fruits have fully ripened. So far it looks like the acorn are fairing slightly better than the butternut.

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