Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update on Share Size

If anyone walked down into the field last week you would have seen the void of tomatoes. Where two weeks ago there were 8 rows, now there is nothing but black plastic mulch. Like I mentioned last week, our tomato disease hit hard and we had to rip out (almost) all of our heirloom tomatoes in an effort to save the remaining cherry tomatoes and paste tomatoes which have been slower to get the disease. Now with the tomatoes out of the ground we can start bulking up our future plantings to compensate for their loss. We have acted as quickly as possible! Right away on Friday we doubled our daikon radish planting, and our baby greens planting. Next week, I will make our radish and turnip plantings larger. I just got word from someone at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society that they have some extra kale, collards, cabbage, mustards, kohlrabi and tatsoi transplants which we can add to our plantings to make them a little larger. This is great news because it is too late in the season to reseed those plants in the greenhouse. I am particularly excite about their cabbage transplants since I was originally not planning on planting them this year due to lack of room (we expanded the broccoli planting this year instead). At this point though, I’m not sure exactly how many transplants they have, it is doubtful that they have 130, which is the number of shareholders we have! Every bit will help thought. Thank you for your understanding and support. This is exactly the reason CSAs exist, to help farmers mitigate the unpredictability of a growing season by sharing the risks of the ups and downs of agriculture with an extended community!

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