Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wish list Thank You's

A few weeks ago, we put out the farm wish list and so far we’ve gotten a great response! For those of you who have contacted me but we haven’t connected yet, thank you in advance and we’ll be in touch about when I can either come pick up your donation or you can drop it off at the farm.
Thank you Clare Maher for the weed cutter.
Thank you Anna Hoover for offering to help with record keeping.
Thank you Ed Zanciewski for the printer offer.
Thank you Georgis Kirkpatrick for offering to help with CAD crop rotation mapping.
Thank you Troy Fisher for the lawn mower offer.
And thank you to everyone who has donated books to our farm library. It is growing fast and about a dozen people have checked out books! I am very excited to open the library up to the students at Saul this week when school starts.

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