Monday, October 31, 2011

It Takes a Village Part I

As the season is winding down, I’ve been reflecting on the past 7 months. What stands out in my mind about this year is how much support I have had in my first year as a single manager. For the last two years of the CSA Nicole and I co-managed the CSA. This year she moved on to manage the other Weavers Way Farm, the Mort Brooks Memorial Farm and I stayed here at Saul. I have had immense support from many people to help me through this challenging, transitional year. In the following newsletters, I’ll continue to highlight these many pillars of support, but this week I need to start with the volunteer crew of shareholders who have been an integral part of the 2011 Henry Got Crops team.
Starting in April, before the CSA even began and after only a short break following the spring fundraiser, the 2011 fundraising team began meeting and planning for the Harvest on Henry event that took place a few weeks ago. I’ve been part of many volunteer groups, organizing events and fundraisers, and I have never worked with a group of more committed, reliable people.

A phenomenal group of volunteers came forth to raise money for discounted shares through our event which also had the purpose of giving back to our community by inviting the neighborhood to a fun-filled day at the farm. These shareholders may never even meet the recipients of the 2012 discounted shares, but selflessly poured their hearts and souls into the goal of making our CSA shares accessible to a larger representation of our community. During the event on Oct. 1st they went largely unrecognized as everyone was busy running the various activities of the day. With my plate full with the farming operations, this event absolutely never would never have happened without these volunteers taking the reins and pulling it all together, down the very last detail.
Thank you to:
Laura Axel- For always keeping us on track and focused; for organizing the children’s games which brought many smiles to many faces; for not only donating your time but also critical supplies for the event.
Mary Pat Boyle- For your creative energy and suggestions; for organizing the arts and crafts projects which brought a original dimension to the day’s activities; for donating your art supplies and making the t-shirts!
Nancy Dearden- For your leadership and facilitation; for running the meetings and keeping everything in line and on schedule; for your big picture vision for the whole fundraising committee and your ability to keep track of every last important detail; for coordinating marketing, food and volunteer support from Weavers Way and Saul, and gathering the tents! I believe there is no event too large or involved for your organizational abilities!
Denise Durkin- For your unwavering optimism and positive energy; for ensuring delicious food and vendors were present at the event; for always appreciating the significance, importance and impact of everyone’s work.
Kate Pelusi- For your dependability and eagerness to fill in where ever and when ever needed; for many hours spent canning and organizing the sales of the added value products; selling products made from the farm has been a long term dream of the farming team and you brought it all together to become a reality.
Georgia Kirkpatrick- For your realistic perspective, keeping stress at bay and maintaining a level of cheer in challenging moments; for bringing fabulous musicians to the event; the music contributed greatly to the ambience of celebration at the festival!
Randi Weinberg- for your diligence and thoroughness; for organizing the pie contest and sales; the bake-off was the original idea for the event and you ensured it happened seamlessly!

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