Monday, October 31, 2011

New Pick Up Routine

Every CSA has a slightly different way of distributing their vegetables. Some CSAs box them for you and you have no choice in what you receive. Others let you pick some of your vegetables but require that you take others. Some CSAs apply no restrictions and offer a first come, first serve distribution.
In previous years we had a system of some choice, but not all choice, which proved to be much too complicated and resulted in certain items running out earlier than they were supposed to. This year we tried to simplify things, by only allowing choice and trades through a more diversified swap box. For week 25 (not this week, but next), we will be trying a trial run of a new system in a continued effort to find a system that works for both the farmers and the members.
The new idea is to put more diversity on the table, with item sizes for each vegetable written on the chalk board (for example, eggplant: 1lb). Smalls shares can pick any 6 items, and larges can pick any 12 items. In an effort to maintain diversity throughout the 5 hour pick up, smalls may not choose more than one item of any one vegetable, and larges can take one or two items of any one vegetable. For example, you won’t be able to take 6 (or 12) bunches of carrots (but larges can take two). My hope is that diversity in people’s preferences will be better met while maintaining a diverse pick-up table. If this sounds complicated, don’t fret, our trusty staff will be on hand to help you through it! Feedback can be offered in our end of the year survey, soon to come!

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