Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Meet Farmer Nicole Sugerman

Nicole Sugerman
CSA co-manager
Nicole is currently working on her fourth season as a farmer, after initially trying it out as a summer job on her school’s student run farm. Running a small CSA and learning through the “make a lot of mistakes and kill a lot of crops and then try to figure out why” school of agricultural education, she found herself unable to stop farming after that first summer; every spring, she would get this achy feeling in her chest, and she would panic slightly with the thought of missing a growing season, until she would decide to work on a farm again and the achy feeling would go away. After this happened for two more seasons, until she realized that this is what she wanted to “do” in the career sense of the word. She moved to Philadelphia a year and nine months ago, attracted in part by the city’s sizeable number of vacant lots and the possibilities this could potentially afford for urban agriculture. Besides farming and thinking about farming, she enjoys reading, cooking, bicycling, fermentation of various sorts, and trying to build things.

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