Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Shareholder Shares

Shareholder Margaret says: “This spring, Greene Street Friends School, which my daughter attends, performed a scaled back version of "Into the Woods". In the musical, the witch tells the story of Rapunzel in a talking song that starts, "Greens! Greens! Nothing but Greens!" This line has become our mantra, when we look over our weekly haul from the CSA. No expectant father is going to have to sneak into the witch's garden to satisfy his wife, if they participate in the Henry CSA.”

The Witch’s Rap, From Into The Woods:

“In the past, when your mother was with child, she developed an unusual appetite. She took one look at my beautiful garden and told your father that what she wanted more than anything in the world was

Greens, greens and nothing but greens:
Parsley, peppers, cabbages and celery,
Asparagus and watercress and
Fiddleferns and lettuce-!

He said, "All right,"
But it wasn't, quite,
'Cause I caught him in the autumn
In my garden one night!
He was robbing me,
Raping me,
Rooting through my rutabaga,
Raiding my arugula and
Ripping up my rampion
(My champion! My favorite!)-
I should have laid a spell on him
Right there,
Could have changed him into stone
Or a dog or a chair...

But I let him have the rampion-
I'd lots to spare.
In return, however,
I said, "Fair is fair:
You can let me have the baby
That your wife will bear
And we'll call it square."

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