Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Radish As Medicine

Constituents: Radishes contain glucosilinates, which yield a volatile oil, raphanin, phenolic compounds, and vitamin C. Raphanin is antibiotic, and the phenolic compounds are antioxidant.
Historic Uses:
• The builders of the pyramids in ancient Egypt were paid in radishes, onions, and garlic, according to Herodotus.
• Ancient Romans used radish oil to treat skin diseases.
• The Tang Materia Medica, a Chinese text from the year 659 A.D., lists radishes as a digestive stimulant.
Medicinal Uses:
• Stimulates appetite and digestion
• Can be “dry-fried” to treat chest problems
(Information from: Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, by Andrew Chevallier)

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