Monday, June 27, 2011

The June Gap

The British “Mind the Gap” warning for the underground train might apply here. While most would think the harvest only grows and grows in size from spring to late summer, there is surprisingly, but reliably, a small dive in that curve. Take a look at the graph in your orientation packet that shows how the share grew and shrank last year. This is known as the “June Gap.” Every year I try to plan accordingly to reduce the gap of the June gap, and every year is sneaks in. The June gap is the period after the cool weather, spring crops finish but before the hot weather, summer crops come in. We are finished with bok choi and tat soi, and on the tail end of radishes, turnips, pea shoots and broccoli. Basil is starting to trickle in, but other heat-loving crops such as peppers and eggplant are still only on the horizon. Last year the share size increased again the third week in July when field tomatoes came in. However, this year I am very pleased to announce that our small hoop house planting of early tomatoes just started to blush. When they come in, it will be the earliest I’ve ever had tomatoes, thanks to the simple technology of our hoop house. Also, cucumbers have been coming in since the beginning of the CSA which is another personal best this year, thanks again to the heating effects of our hoop houses. Every year is different, which is what makes farming both exciting and challenging. Last year our kohlrabi was done by this point, whereas this year it is still going strong. Last year we only had two weeks of spring fennel, for a few sharemembers. This year we are on our third week of fennel and I am happy to announce we have yet to have any ground hog damage on that particular crop! Last year we were finished with radishes by the second week in June, but this year we are still harvesting from our last planting. So for the time being, let us embrace the kohlrabi, and please (don’t) mind the gap.

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