Monday, June 6, 2011

Still Not Sure What to Do with Those Herbs from Last Week?

Fresh herbs can easily be dried for later use. Herbs simply need a dry, dark place to dry. Keep them away from humidity and light. I like to hang my bunches of herbs upside-down with a clothes pin from a string, much like clothes on a laundry line. You can also keep them in a paper bag, which blocks the light but lets the air through.

Herbs should retain much of their original color, even when dry. When your herbs are crispy dry, you can crush them into a colander or sieve placed over a bowl or plate. Pushing the herbs through the wholes will help separate the larger stems from the smaller, pulverized leaves. When you are finished you should have a bowl or ground up leaves and a colander full of stems, more or less. Put the leaves into a glass jar, or reuse a spice container already in your kitchen, preferably one that the light can’t get through. If a recipe calls for fresh herbs but I am using dried, I use 1/3 the amount called for. They will be good to use all winter!

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