Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet the Farmers--Student Viewpoints.

At Henry Got Crops we do everything we can to incorporate students from Saul into every aspect of the CSA. Clare is working hard to bring the education programs to their full potential. Every student that comes out to the farm is contributing to the function and operation of the CSA. Below is one student’s essay about her experience working on the farm. She not only came out to the CSA with her class this spring, but also volunteered on the weekend at the spring fundraiser. Some of the money from that event went to purchasing a share that got raffled off to a different Saul student every week for free for the entire season.

By Rielle:

From the point of view of a Saul Agricultural Student, and having fully participated in the preparation of vegetation, I have realized how much it is important in my life. The CSA is important to my life because it provides vegetables, fruits and other food products that are beneficial to my family and me. The CSA provides opportunity of certain safe foods, that aren’t disturbed with preservatives or added ingredients.
I have learned a lot within my ten weeks here with the CSA. I have learned that you can’t just water plants; you have to fill it with two capfuls of fertilizer. I have also learned that you absolutely can not step on the planting beds, because it compacts the nutrients inside. Besides all of the necessary instructions, I have learned that the CSA group is not just a group of people that plant food, but really are educated, friendly people that treat people well, and treat people like family.
To be completely honest about my feelings toward the CSA, I would have to say that I honestly and truly like it. The workers and farmers sincerely love what they do and when I’m around them listening to them explain, I feel compelled to try it because they make it sound so pleasing. Another reason why is because you get an opportunity to work out doors, and get an experience of a lifetime. The CSA teaches you about life, health, and also GOOD FOOD!!!

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