Monday, August 12, 2013

Value of your Share!

See data below.
As we all know, there are many benefits to being a part of Henry Got Crops- fresh, local food, knowing where your food comes from, knowing and trusting your farmers, visiting a beautiful farm in the city, having access to the you-pick section, and knowing that you are financially supporting a worthy business with the purchase of your share. However, most of these benefits are hard to quantify. Another benefit of being a shareholder is that you partake in the bounty of the harvest, and (in a good year)  receive more vegetables than you pay for. Nancy Anderson, from our farm team, has been dutifully recording the share every week for the past two years and calculating the value of those vegetables, based on retail, organic, farmers market prices. Here is an overview of her record keeping (all totals are averages of weeks 1-12):
  • 2012 (actually recieved, with you-pick)- Small: $318.65, Large: $616.29.
  • 2013 (actually received, with you pick)- Small: $299.78, Large: $590. 65.
  • 2013 (actually received, without you pick)- Small: $249.80, Large: $491.10.
  • 2013 (what you paid)- Small: $212.50, Large: $375
**Note: Given that many you-pick items are unlimited, and you have to pick them yourself, we price them at a wholesale price instead of retail, and use an average bunch size, knowing that some people pick more, some people pick less.

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