Monday, September 30, 2013

Orchard Field Trip

On Sunday, September 29, the Beginning Farmers from the Philadelphia Community Farming Collaborative (of which Weavers Way Co-op is a part), took a field trip up to New Paltz, NY to visit Lee Reich’s orchard. He showed us around his property and we saw Nan King cherries, paw paws, kiwi berries, Asian pears, hazelnuts, persimmons and more. At Henry Got Crops we have been drawing information and inspiration from Mr. Reich’s books and workshops for our own new orchard, but it was truly exciting to finally see it in person. Since we are growing many of the same varieties of fruits as Dr. Reich, it was tremendously helpful to see mature trees since ours are still very young, as well as taste-test their fruits! It was a beautiful day and it felt like a special occasion to be able to get out of the city and spend the day with such a fantastic group of farmers (pictured below, at Lee Reich’s house).

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