Monday, September 2, 2013

The School Year Begins!

by Clare Hyre, WWCP Farm Education Coordinator @ Henry Got Crops!
Dear Shareholders,
Thank you so much for being a part of the Henry Got Crops! community! I hope that over the past six weeks you had a chance to talk to a youth who was helping out at the CSA distribution or the farmer's market. These youth were part of a summer internship and helped plant, harvest, and prepare much of the food you received in your share. They also helped grow the food in the education beds which are the raised beds at the top of the hill. These students grew tremendously over their six weeks on the farm. One student even wrote on his post-internship survey that he did not feel he could ever go back to not eating organic vegetables.
Seven of the eleven students currently attend W.B. Saul High School so hopefully you will get a chance to see them again throughout the school year and perhaps give them a high five for all their hard work. Starting on September 9th Saul will begin the 2013 school year and the CSA fields will again be filled with classes of students learning hands on farming skills and nutrition education. Although the school district is facing incredible challenges at this time the school is planning to start on time. Students and teachers will receive less resources to work with so if you see a student or a class working at the CSA or in education beds please say hello and offer a kind word. If you have a share you will not be using for a week please let us (Nina or I) know and we will donate it to a student. If you want to volunteer with students let me know and email me and we can talk about volunteer opportunities.
I hope you all are as excited about the new school year as I am!

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