Monday, February 15, 2010

Experiences in the Saul Summer Program

Each year, incoming freshmen attend a 4 week introductory program at Saul in either July or August. Emily just completed her summer program earlier this month.

By: Emily Winterberger

Going to an introductory Summer Program for Agriculture has changed how I feel about everything in the Agricultural way of life. I never knew how much Agriculturists had to do before I came into this program. I've learned a selection of different types of weeds and vegetables. (Along with the different types of animals that I had never knew before.)

I enjoyed this experience because I helped the CSA, knowing that the vegetables generated by picking the weeds will sure enough be in peoples homes. I've learned very much in the past 3 weeks, and I'm keeping my ears open to learn much more. I would like to thank the CSA group for allowing me to come in and learn and do things at a beginner level. Knowing now that I can accomplish helping in Agriculture, I would surely like to help again.

The ways I thought I knew of Agriculture have changed dramatically. I now take Agriculture more seriously, because without Agriculture, where would America be? I have more respect for the plants growing in the ground because I know someone took the time to plant it, and the farmers around America, because I know how much hard work they have to do just to make a living. I now feel like I have become closer with the surroundings around me.

Agriculture has its ways of ups and downs. Hours in the blazing sun, tilling and hoeing dirt, picking weeds in the corn fields, to enjoying the fresh food you've just picked or seeing a beautiful garden come to life.

The Summer Agriculture Program, was well worth it to me.

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