Friday, February 19, 2010

Why was my Share Smaller Last Week?

This is the nature of a CSA- there are ebbs and flows in the growing season, and these translate into the ebb and flow in the size of your share. It’s what it means to be a shareholder in a farm. Your share is directly linked to production, which is directly linked to the weather and point in the growing season. We are all in this together, sharing both the bounty and the risks of agriculture. You, the community are supporting the farmers, and we the farmers are supporting the community. This season, because of all the rain and cooler than normal weather, a few of our crops are suffering, especially the tomatoes and basil. Other crops, like the bell peppers and summer squash, are slowing down earlier than usual because of the lack of the typical summer heat and sun. But just around the corner is a return of cool weather crops like the ones you saw in the spring, as well as new fall root crops like parsnips and rutabagas.

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