Friday, February 19, 2010

Green Tomato Pie (savory)

-Using a large pan (11” by 17” works well), roll out a pie crust and line pan.
-Slice 8 to 10 green tomatoes, removing stem end.
-Slice two large onions and sauté with ½ stick sweet butter
-Slice 1 lb. Swiss cheese and 1 lb muenster (although this is also good with other cheeses- try cheddar, goat, whatever)
-Sprinkle pie crust lined pan with bread crumbs. Layer tomato slices, cheeses, and sautéed onions in pan. Sprinkle with coarse salt and fresh ground pepper. Also sprinkle 2 Tb. brown sugar. Repeat layers until ingredients are used up or pie pan is full. Top with more bread crumbs and a sprinkle of wine vinegar.
-Roll out a second pie crust to top pie. Crimp edges and slash center to vent. Bake at 375 until brown. If you wish, you can brush top crust with milk to glaze when it begins to brown.

From The Political Palate by the Bloodroot Collective. An old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe.

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