Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goodbye, Interns!

Our summer interns are leaving, and we sure are sad. Saul students Vicki and Yona worked with us through a six-week program with the Philadelphia Youth Network, which funds high school students to take internships and gain job experience. These past six weeks have passed so quickly! I wish we could hire the two of them on full-time, but, alas, they have to return to high school after a couple of weeks to relax. We had a really great time getting to know the two of them and experiencing their amazing energy and work ethics. The first day of their internship was 103 degrees; the two of them came to work on time and stuck it out through an eight hour day. We were all so impressed. If you see either of them in the field, congratulate them on a summer very well spent. Luckily, since the two of them attend Saul, we hope they’ll be back in the fields to visit!
Zemora has been working with us since June, and she leaves this Friday to head back to Massachussetts, where she will attend the Northeastern Organic Farmers Association summer conference before returning to college. Zemora has been an amazing addition to our team this summer, asking lots of questions and offering lots of positive energy and input into everything that we all have been doing. Zemora is lucky enough to attend a school with its own fourteen acre farm—so at least she will not be far from organic vegetable production! It’s been such a great summer, and we wish the three of them the very best of luck in their vegetable-producing futures.

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