Saturday, August 21, 2010

Philadelphia Youth Network Partners with Henry Got Crops!

For the second year now we have partnered with the Philadelphia Youth Network to offer summer employment for students at Saul. Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) is a nonprofit that encourages job training for youth by providing funds to organizations like ours who in turn hire youth to work with them. It’s a great way to offer summer employment to students while introducing them to the ins and outs of what it takes to work on a farm. We are privileged to be working with two great students from Saul this summer. They have been working hard, side by side with us since the beginning of July and will work a total of 6 weeks at the farm. Vicky and Yona have endured the 100 degree weather of July, helped us harvest record amounts of squash and cucumbers and are helping us save our tomatoes with hours and hours of pruning and trellising to get them up off the ground so they can grow more productively. We have been blown away with their level of maturity, curiosity in urban farming and endurance in working long, hard days. I would go on, but I’ll hold back and save some room so they can introduce themselves!

Hi, my name is Victoria and I work for my school. I and another intern are learning the ups and downs of growing your own crops. While working here I've learned that tomatoes get diseases really fast and that the leaves on the squash can make you break out if you don't have sleeves! Let me tell you a little about myself. I am 5'2”, brown eyes and black hair. I like eating yellow carrots and love drinking peach and raspberry tea. I try to be more independent than people think, because I am growing up I think I want to do more things on my own. I also like the color green and the color purple. I enjoy the twilight series (team Jacob)! lol. I am a free spirit, and like crafty things. I think my motto would be “it is what it is.” I like picking blackberries and raspberries too.

Hi, I’m Yona. I’m a summer intern at Henry Got Crops. I’m a sophomore at W.B. Saul. I’m a gemini, 15, and I’m majoring in food science. What I want to get out of the internship is to learn more about urban organic farming. Also, to meet new interesting people. So far, I think I've gotten just that. I like farming because I get to interact with people every day and I like being part of a team. Also, growing local organic vegetables. I was born and raised in Philadelphia. Love the city and culture and super excited about farming over the summer.

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