Saturday, August 21, 2010

Haikus from Zemora

pieces of summer
parting words in haiku form
with love, zemora.

the blur of farming
feels like time is speeding up
as summer winds down

june, july, august
all day every day
in rain, mud, and sun

hot as heck out here
according to our logbook
one hundred and three

i've learned so many
things here, many of them have
to do with farming.

i leave with new skills
trellis, transplant, rake, or seed,
bed prep, plant, and weed

now i understand
in harvesting tomatoes,
gentleness is key.

when used correctly
scuffle hoes might surprise you
with their great power.

fairwell, oh sweetest
furry creature of the field
our friend the groundhog

just kidding, please leave
our vegetables alone
and never come back.

nina! and nicole!
and kirsten! and sarah! and
yona! and vicky!

y'all are really the best
i know we'll cross paths again
thanks for teaching me.

love, revolution,
talking in the fields all day
'bout the food system.

our community
supports our agriculture
how awesome is that?

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