Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guidelines For Successful U-Pick

Harvesting Tomatillos
•Harvest the ones that completely fill their husks
•To tell, touch the husk- if you can feel the tomatillo pressing against the husk, it is ready!
•Ripe tomatillos can have brown or green husks
•Do not eat the husk- peel before eating

Harvesting Ground Cherries
•You can harvest them right off the ground (it’s why they are called ‘ground’ cherries!)
•They are ripe when the husks are brown or yellow, and the fruit inside is yellow
•To eat, peel back the husk and eat the fruit

Harvesting Cherry Tomatoes
•We grow yellowish-orange and red cherry tomatoes
•To tell if they are ripe, see how squishy they are—not how red!
•Look near the bottom of the plant- there are more ripe ones near the ground.

Harvesting Paste Tomatoes
•Look for red tomatoes- might be close to the ground or a little deeper inside row
•If you want to use them later in the week, harvest them half red and half green- tomatoes ripen very well off the vine.

Harvesting Basil
•Harvest whole stems, rather than leaves, at growing nodes—at the junction in between two branches or leaves. This will allow the plant to put energy into productive stems rather than dead-end stems with no leaves on the top.

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